Membership for UNACC is $30 yearly (per person or per household). Our membership is open to all, both native and non native, who have an interest in the Native American culture. UNACC members are invited to partake in the many events throughout the year. We encourage our members to share their knowledge, craft work and experiences with us.

We have our Center’s Powwow drum, Nugumij Drum (Grandmother Drum). The men at UNACC drum with the women serving as the backup singers. We invite new members to join us.

The women of UNACC have formed a hand drum group called “The Morning Star Singers”. We welcome any of our new women members to join us.

Currently, we contact members via email, web page or FaceBook. In the future, with help from some of our membership, we hope to get back to mailing out a bi-yearly newsletter. Recently, we have started having classes on Saturday evenings for a small fee. Classes are open to all.

The proceeds from the paid membership are used to fund the upkeep of our building and help to fund some of the events held at the Center.

Membership fees are tax deductible. Membership term runs Jan 1 – Dec 31 yearly

Download the Membership Application