UNACC Board of Directors

UNACC President / Chief:
Roland Jerome

Roland JeromeUNACC President / Chief

Roland Jerome
UNACC President / Chief

Roland Jerome was born and raised on the Maria Mi’kmaq Reservation (now called Gesgapegiag), located in Quebec, Canada along the Gaspe coast. He has been part of UNACC since 1993 and has served as President/Chief for the past 20 years.

Roland has been very involved with AA since July 26, 1975. He has been a drug/alcohol councilor in Canada and the United States. Realizing the need for a program on the Gesgapegiag Reservation,  he was instrumental in getting a drug/alcohol treatment program established there. Roland has also worked in the construction business for over 30 years, and had his own business remodeling homes for 5 years. Recently he retired from the Maynard, MA DPW after 12 years of service.

Roland and his wife Barbara have been married for 50 years. They have 4 children, Sharon, Rhonda, Angela and Roland along with 7 grandchildren, Danielle, Tony & Nick Cassidy, Bevan (3rd) & Lauren Quinn and Amber & Kiley Kondrup.

UNACC Vice President:
Lorena Novak


UNACC Vice President
Lorena Novak

Born in Anchorage, Alaska Lorena Novak is Inupiaq Eskimo. Lorena currently holds the position of UNACC Vice President. She has been part of UNACC since 1997, serving as past UNACC Secretary, webmaster and has served on the Board of Directors since 2000.

Lorena enjoys powwows, socials, craftwork and visiting various groups to talk about Native American culture. Her educational background is in Electronic Technology and is currently employed part time in the homecare field.

Lorena and her husband Matt Novak have been married 29 years and have one daughter, Laura, aged 25.

Matthew Novak


Matthew Novak

Matt was born and raised in Portsmouth NH. The son of second generation emigrants of Polish, Russia, Scottish, Irish and Norwegian heritage. Matt has been an active member of UNACC since 2000 serving over the years as UNACC Vice President and now as UNACC CEO.  Matt also serves on the Board of Directors.

Matt, his wife (Lorena) and daughter (Laura) are all active members of UNACC and participate in many of the groups activities. They enjoy education the public about the Native American culture. Matt, Lorena and Laura are also involved with many Native American social and cultural events in New England, Canada and Alaska.

Matt has an educational background in Electronic Engineering and Business, and holds a BSIT degree from Keene State College. He has worked for over 30 years in the computer industry. Currently, Matt is employed with Oracle Corporation in Burlington, MA.

Matt and his wife Lorena have been married for 29 years and have a daughter Laura, aged 25.

UNACC Treasurer:
Nancy Amirault


Nancy Amirault
UNACC Treasurer

Nancy has been a member of UNACC since 2002 and has been serving on the Board of Directors since 2004 as Assistant  Secretary. Nancy now serves as UNACC Treasurer. Nancy is from Mi’kmaq descent and for many years she and other family members belonged to the New Hampshire Native American Intertribal.

A graduate of Revere High School, Nancy married soon after graduation and had three sons. Later, as a single parent, she worked as a nurse’s assistant while her children were younger. She later worked full time for 10 years at Wang Laboratories. After earning a certificate from Middlesex Community College, she was employed for 7 years by Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates before moving on to spend 12 years working for a private practice women’s healthcare OB/GYN office. As of 2013 Nancy is enjoying retirement.

In 2005, Nancy married Manny Silva, who is Portuguese from the Azores Islands. Manny is also an active member of UNACC. In addition to her three sons, Joseph, Richard and Michael, she also has two step children and 7 grandchildren.

UNACC Secretary:
Barbara Jerome

Barbara Jerome  UNACC Secretary

Barbara Jerome
UNACC Secretary

Barbara Jerome was born in Waltham, MA. Her family has been living in Stow for the past 70 years.

Barbara and Roland married in 1954, after 12 years of marriage and 4 children they moved back to Roland’s Reservation in Quebec, Canada. They lived on the Reserve for almost 7 years. Roland, Barbara and family then had a chance to move back to the United States. They purchased Barbara’s father’s home and have lived there till just recently. After 31 years of living in Stow, Barbara and Roland are now living in Winchendon, MA and the old homestead is being sold.

After driving school Bus for 28 years, Barbara retired on June 26, 2013.

Barbara and Roland just celebrated their 50th Anniversary on February 1, 2014.

They have 4 children, Sharon, Rhonda, Angela and Roland Jr. and 7 grandchildren – Danielle, Tony, Nick, Beven (3rd), Lauren, Amber and Kiley.

Barbara and Roland have been active members of UNACC since 1993. Barbara (aka Mrs. Chief) currently serves as the UNACC Secretary.